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I didn't get the email notification to login to the Code-X Web Application

When your Code-X subscription's account owner or designated Role Manager adds you as a user to the Code-X Web Application, an email notification with login instructions is automatically sent to the email address that was entered when your user account was created.  In some cases users may not receive the email notification for one of the following 3 reasons:

1. The email notification ended up in your Junk/Spam folder. 
Please check your spam/junk folder to see if the email was tagged as spam.

2. The email notification was blocked by your organization's filtering software. 
Many organizations implement strict spam control mechanisms which can sometimes flag email notifications from AAOS as spam and block the email from ever arriving to the recipient.  Please ask your organization's IT manager to whitelist emails coming from

3. The email address entered when your user account was created was not typed in correctly by your subscription's account owner or designated Role Manager
Typos happen.  If the email address entered when your user account was created was not typed in correctly the email notification will never reach your inbox.  Please confirm with your account owner or Role Manager that the email address was indeed correctly entered.  If it was entered incorrectly, the Role Manager needs to simply remove that email address from Role Management and then add the correct email address when assigning you a User and/or Role Manager role.

Even if you didn't get your email notification for reasons 1 or 2 above, that is no problem.  You can still successfully login to Code-X.  Below is an excerpt taken from the email notification with instructions on how to login to Code-X.  Please follow the below instructions and be sure that the email address you enter when creating your AAOS account/profile is exactly the same as the email address that was entered when your account was created.  The email addresses have to match or you won't be able to login.  If you get the "You are not as subscriber" message when attempting to login please click here for instructions on how to handle that situation.

Here are the Login instructions:

You have been listed as a User and/or Role Manager for the Orthopaedic Code-X. We appreciate your trust in our software. For more than two decades, Code-X continues to be built by orthopaedic surgeons dedicated to bringing you the best content and features for all your coding needs.

Log in to Access the Software

  • Code-X is compatible with the latest versions of:
    • Chrome
    • Safari
    • Edge
    • Firefox
    • IMPORTANT: Older browsers are NOT supported
  • Go to
    • We recommend that you bookmark this page
  • Log into your account with the following email: using your AAOS credentials
  • If you do not have an AAOS account click HERE to create one
    • IMPORTANT: Set up your AAOS account using your email address shown in this message. This is the email captured in the Code-X software. Your entitlement to the software points to this address. If you use a different address you will not gain access to the program.

About the Role Management Section

·       Upgrade your subscription, click the Add Licenses button

·       Add and remove Users or Role Managers.

·       The Role Manager may assign team members and their roles – Role Manager or User

o   Click the Profile icon upper right, select Role Management

o   Click the Add a User button and enter a team member’s email address

o   Choose User and/or Role Manager (see below for privileges associated with each)

Privileges by Role

Role Manager


Role Manager/User

Access to all coding tools




Takes up one of your Code-X licenses




Able to add other role managers/users




o   Click the Add button – a message will be sent to the new User/Role Manager with next steps (from