Code-X Technical Support

When I attempt to install Code-X the installation appears to complete, but Code-X doesn't get installed. I also don't get an error message of any kind.

If you attempt to install Code-X you see that the installation process completes without an error, but Code-X doesn't get installed.  You may also notice that the installation process went through very quickly.  The symptoms usually are that the full install appears to complete (although way too quickly) and no icons appear and nothing seems to be installed under Program Files (or Applications).  In this case it may be that Adobe AIR is not installing properly during the regular installation process.  Adobe AIR is required for Code-X to run properly.

To resolve this problem you need to download Adobe AIR manually and install from the following link.  After Adobe AIR is installed, then try the installation of Code-X again.

If your PC shows that Adobe AIR is already installed and you're still have the same issue, then please do the following:
1. Uninstall Adobe AIR from your list of installed applications
2. Reboot your workstation
3. Install Adobe AIR again using the above link
4. Try installing Code-X again to see if the problem has been resolved