Code-X Technical Support

I'm getting the error "TypeError: Result of expression '_result' [undefined] is not an object." or "No Connection to the Database can be completed" after installing or launching Code-X

You do a successful installation of Code-X and proceed to launch the application.  Upon launching it you get the following error:
TypeError: Result of expression '_result' [undefined] is not an object.
No Connection to the Database can be completed

The above error can happen for a variety of reasons, but the primary cause is usually related to problems with the application's data folder.  The data store is also referred to as the Local Store. This is the default location where all data for the application is stored.  When Code-X is launched it accesses the Local Store to get the data it needs to successfully run the application.  However, something is impeding the access to that data. The reason could be one of the following:
  1. The drive that stores your profile data has run out of space, so the application is not able to successfully create and populate the Local Store folder.  Please check your drive to ensure that there is sufficient space left to run the application.  A minimum of 600Mb is needed.  Once you have freed up enough space please follow the steps from the following link to get back up and running again:
  2. Data in the Local Store may be corrupted. You may need to reinstall Code-X after removing the Local Store to fix this corruption issue. Please folow the steps in the following link to get back up and running:
  3. Your Windows Profile that has Code-X installed is corrupted.  Please go to the following Knowledge Base article for detailed steps on how to uninstall Code-X, Adobe AIR so you can install Code-X from a new Windows Profile:
  4. Your profile folder is being redirected somewhere else on your network by your IT administrator. The application isn't able to detect the redirected folder location and, therefore, cannot load any data into the application.  The solution to this particular problem varies depending on how your network is configured.  Please submit a trouble ticket in the the following link and provide the information listed below in that ticket:
    • Name of Organization
    • Email
    • Reference the error above
    • Describe in detail the problem you're having and attach any screen shots of any other errors you may be receiving along with the one above.  Please also describe your network environment, if related, including whether you redirect user profiles to a different location and, if so, where those are being redirected to.