I get the AAOS logo spinner when trying to login to Code-X Web

I get the AAOS logo spinner when trying to login to Code-X Web

If you're trying to login to Code-X Web application and you get the AAOS logo spinner which never goes away you can try the following to solve the problem:

1. Make sure you are using the latest version of one of the supported browsers:   Chrome, Firefox, Safari
If you are trying to login and access Code-X from an unsupported browser you may get unexpected results.

2. After making sure of item 1 above and the problem still persists, please try clearing your browser history and try logging in again.

3. If item 2. above does not help, please try closing your browser, re-opening and logging in again

Sometimes the issue could be related to your AAOS Account and not with the Code-X platform.  You need to make sure you can login to AAOS successfully first before you attempt to login to Code-X.  To test to ensure you are able to login to AAOS please try the link below to pull up your AAOS account profile:

If the above link opens up your AAOS profile successfully then your login to AAOS should be OK. If you still  have problems logging into Code-X, then the email address you have in your AAOS account may differ from the email address that was assigned to your Code-X license by the owner of the subscription or the Role Manager.  Please verify the email that shows up in your AAOS profile from the link provided above and check with your Subscription Owner or Role Manager of your Code-X account to make sure that the email matches with what was assigned a user license in Code-X.   The email addresses must match.

if you are not able to access the above profile link then there may be an issue with your AAOS account.  You can try resetting your password if you cannot get past the AAOS login page.  If you are able to login to AAOS successfully then please contact AAOS Customer Support for further assistance.  AAOS Customer Support can assist with AAOS account related issues (which are separate from Code-X account platform issues).   You can reach AAOS customer support at support@aaos.org or 847-384-4021.