Code-X Technical Support

I am getting Invalid Parent Code when trying to activate Code-X with an Activation Code starting with the letter "L"

Activation codes starting with the letter "L" are considered add-on activation codes.  Parent activation codes start with the letter "P" for customers who purchased the desktop (PC/Mac) version of the product and "N" for customers who have purchased the network version of the product.

To activate Code-X successfully you need to enter your Parent Code in the first Activation Screen input box.  If you did not receive your Parent code or cannot locate it, then please call AAOS Customer Service at 800-626-6726 or  Our tech support team does not have access to your billing account information so you must contact AAOS Customer Service to locate your Activation Codes.

If you have both a Parent Code and an L Addon Activation Code, then please activate Code-X 2018 as follows:
  • Enter the Parent Code in the first input box on the Activation Screen after installing the application
  • Enter the Addon L Activation code in the second input box on the Activation screen
  • Press the "Activate" button
Once the product is activated successfully, any licenses from the Addon L Activation code will be transferred to the Parent Code.  Therefore, if you have any user licenses remaining, please activate subsequent installations of Code-X using your Parent Code.  Once you have activated Code-X with your Parent Code and your Addon L Code, you do not need to use the L Code again.  You only enter your L Code one time.