Code-X Technical Support

Code-X is behaving erratically after a re-install or after freshly installing the application

Sometimes there's a problem with Code-X where the update fails or it is behaving erratically after a re-install or after a fresh install of the application.  In these cases, it is often recommended to uninstall the current version and reinstall with the latest full version.  This usually is a problem in Windows and not the Mac.  To uninstall please provide the steps below:
a. Close Code-X
b. Copy the link below into Windows (File) Explorer to open up your Local Store folder
  • Version 2016: %appdata%\com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2016\Local Store
  • Version 2017: %appdata%\com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2017\Local Store
  • Version 2018: %appdata%\com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2018\Local Store
  • Version 2019: %appdata%\com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2019\Local Store
c. If this is not a fresh installation of the application then you may want to make a copy of the following files (the files may appear without the .db extension) to the user's Desktop (i.e. copy and paste the files to the user's Desktop) as a backup:
  • codexConfig.db
  • codexWork.db
  • codexUser.db
  • codexNetwork.db
d. Remove the following folder from %appdata% for your version of Code-X:
  • Version 2016: com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2016
  • Version 2017: com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2017
  • Version 2018: com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2018
  • Version 2019: com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2019
e. Uninstall the problem version of AAOS Code-X from the Control Panel
f. Make sure that the Application Folder for your version of Code-X is removed/deleted from %Program Files (x86)%\AAOS
g. Download the latest full install for your version of Code-X from our website
h. Unzip and run the install for the application for your operating system
i. Launch Code-X
j. If you backed up the files in Step c above, then, regardless of whether you got automatically activated or not, please close Code-X and copy back the files from your Desktop back to the same location they were removed from in Step b above and then re-launch Code-X