Code-X Technical Support

Code-X is behaving erratically after a re-install or after changes were made to the workstation

Sometimes there's a problem with Code-X where is behaving erratically.  In these cases, it is often recommended to uninstall the current version and reinstall with the latest full version.  This usually is a problem in Windows and not the Mac.  To uninstall please provide the steps below:
a. Close Code-X
b. Copy the link below into Windows (File) Explorer to open up your Local Store folder
Version 2016: %appdata%\com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2016\Local Store
Version 2017: %appdata%\com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2017\Local Store
Version 2018: %appdata%\com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2018\Local Store
Version 2019: %appdata%\com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2019\Local Store
c. Make a copy of the files codexConfig.db,  codexWork.db, codexUser.db, and codexNetwork.db (the files may appear without the .db extension) to the user's Desktop (i.e. copy and paste the files to the user's Desktop)
d. Remove the following folder from %appdata% for your version of Code-X:
Version 2016: com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2016
Version 2017: com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2017
Version 2018: com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2018
Version 2019: com.adobe.air.aaos.Code-X2019
e. Uninstall the problem version of AAOS Code-X from the Control Panel
f. Make sure that the Application Folder for your version of Code-X is removed/deleted from %Program Files (x86)%\AAOS
g. Download the latest full install for your version of Code-X
h. Unzip and run the install for file
i. Launch Code-X
j. Whether you get automatically activated or not, please close Code-X and copy back the files from  your Desktop back to the same location they were removed from in Step b above
k. Launch Code-X